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Video from Demo 23rd:

2000 people demonstrating in Amsterdam

Also in Amsterdam 2000 people demonstrated on 23rd!

more infos here

24.03.2013 Press release to the Refugees´Revolution Demonstration

Thank you all for the great demonstration with up to 5000 people!!

Press release of the protesting refugees in Berlin and throughout Germany:

Nation-wide mobilization more and more successful!
5000 at Refugees‘Revolution demo!

„The Refugees‘ Revolution demonstration of 23.03.2013 with over 5000 participants again sets a strong signal against our exclusion, isolation and inhumane living conditions. It is an unequivocal rejection of a government policy of ignorance, repression and blockade against our claims and actions.
Another major success of the r efugee-protestslies in the ever-growing participation of the self-organizing fugitives from many cities throughout Germany who followed our call(including Frankfurt / Main, Leipzig, Hamburg, Hannover, Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Magdeburg, Passau, Regensburg, Würzburg, Nuremberg Bayreuth, Halberstadt, Bitterfeld, Halle, Munich, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Cologne, Bremen, Deutschland, Rostock and Kiel). No repression by state authorities against the one year long refugee-protests, no police attacks against the Refufgees Revolution Bus Tour could stop us. Neither denied leave passes through immigration authorities nor police checks during the journey to yesterday’s demonstration with temporary detentions took effect.
And we are more and more every day. We have come to stay! (mehr…)

23.03.2013. Refugees´Revolution Demo: Impressions

more fotos by Umbruch archiv
more fotos by PM Cheung
Video by crosspoint
Video by Soldiner Kiez Kurier
Video by Daniel Lücking


+++2 p.m. live stream Demo+++

The route of the demonstration today


Plan of the day in Berlin:
09:00 am – cutting and cooking at Oranienplatz
12:00 am – Pre-Demonstration from school to Oranienplatz
01:00 pm – Food at Oranienplatz
04:00 pm – cutting and cooking at Oranienplatz
06:00 pm – cutting and cooking at school
07:00 pm – Food at school
08:00 pm – big discussion at school
10:00 pm – asylum monolog (theater)
2 pm 14 Uhr

Tomorrow 24th in Bonn: Solidarity Demo with Refugee Protest

Tomorrow Solidarity Demo in Bonn, 3 pm at Kaiserplatz

+++“FREE MOVEMENT! – Bleiberecht für alle!“ Demonstration zur Unterstützung der bundesweiten Flüchtlingsproteste+++

Demo am 24.3.2013 um 15 Uhr @Kaiserplatz, Bonn

Unsere Forderungen:

- Residenzpflicht abschaffen
- Abschiebungen stoppen
- uneingeschränktes Arbeitsrecht
- Schliessung aller Lager – Freie Wahl von Wohnungen und Wohnumfeld
- Schluss mit den täglichen Schikanen auf den Ämtern


Quelle: here

Public letter and Press release

Please let us know whatever kind of repression you face on your way to Berlin!

>>deutsch weiter unten< <

write to:

urgent feedback or call for support: 0157 87210777

Public letter and Press release
Open letter and declaration of the protesting refugees and supporters in Germany on the occasion of the racist police checks and identification measures (racial profiling) against fugitives on the train on the way from Passau to Berlin to the Refugees‘ Revolution Demonstration on 23.03.2013 in Berlin:

To the Federal Police and the so-called „foreign authorities“
Ladies and gentlemen,

The participation on tomorrows Refugees‘ Revolution Demonstration has to be be guaranteed immediately and without any restriction and discrimination! (mehr…)


Buses to Berlin for Demonstration on 23rd March:

Amsterdam on 23rd: Demonstration in Solidarity with Refugee Struggle

Big demonstration also in Amsterdam on March 23rd!
more information see here

TODAY 20th: Welcoming the Refugees‘ Revolution Bustour!

+++livestream from Alexanderplatz+++

20.03.2013, ca. 11.30h Protest gegen Weiterbetrieb Flüchtlingslager Motardstraße 101A
20.03.2013, ca. 13.00h Alexanderplatz: Empfang, Pressekonferenz und Demonstration zum Refugeecamp Oranienplatz

Kommt, protestiert und empfangt mit uns die Refugee Revolution Bus Tour! (mehr…)

SHARE IT! Mobi-Video Demo 23.3.


--- German below---

The Refugees Revolution Bus Tour has again been subject to severe police violence and repression. Following the enormous extent of police repression and violence in Karlsruhe and Cologne as well as the general police presence on most other tour stops, the racist police state has again shown its ugly reaction to our antiracist, anticapitalist refugee struggles.


UPDATE 19:20
!!all released!!!!

UPDATE 18:45 Uhr
situation calmed down. solidarity in front of police station
2 persons still in custody, 3 already out
3 persons injured: burst eyebrow/ aufgeplatzte Augenbraue, knee trauma/Knieprellung, brain concussion/Gehirnerschütterung

later today: meeting and Vokü + informationsveranstaltung at AJZ Neumünster (Friedrichstraße 24, Neumünster), more info: Antifainfo Neumünster
tomorrow in Kiel: 19.03. 10h public press-conference , Hansastr. 48, 24188 Kiel Ravensberg
17 Uhr:

Upcoming Stops

++18./19.3.Neumünster++19.3.Rostock++20.3.Berlin++23.3.Berlin DEMONSTRATION++

see also: Tour Dates

YouTube Channel for RRBT is up!

Link is here:
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6.3. Video Bustour in Mindelheim

17.3. Hamburg

17th of March Hamburg

We visited a Lager in ( Horst ) about 52 km far from Hamburg.Its the most worset lager we visit so far. The lager is located in quite isolated area in a very small village about 7 houses.
One the way to the lager the police was waiting for us.crossing a forest which led to the lager.We just passed the police forcely.We said to the police that no reason to stop us in the street.
We arrived the was surrounded by tens of the police cars.
We had an action in front of the lager a few refugees joined.we have heard that from some of the refugees that the lager mangment sold out some of the refugees to talk to the other refugees not to come out and join the bus tour action.and making kind of propagnda that those who are joining the bus tour are radical and they may effect your asylum case if join them.
At 16:00 we got back to Hamburg where we spent one more night.

Lots of love
bus tour group

16.3. Hamburg

16th of March Hamburg

On the way from Oldenburg to Hamburg we have been visiting a lager. The lager belongs to Oldenburg. The police came after we entered the lager saying that we are not allowed to be in. We said we already talked to the representative of lager and he allowed us to came in. The police said he got phone call that we entered illegally and gave us 10 min to leave the lager. We were already distributed our flayers and talked to a great number of the refugee so we invited them to come out to attend the action in front of the lager where we held speeches and played music.


15.3 Oldenburg

We had a press conference in the center of Bremen at 10am.up to 150 attented.a great number of the  media too.
At 13:00 We took leave to Oldenburg where we attented a workshop about Rasicm orgnized by local activitists and refugees.
at 17:20 We have been visiting a lager in Oldenburg.We were not allowed to get in but we found a way to distribute flayers and invite refugees to come out and talk.some of them responded to our call.
some of them joined us to the workshop in the evening.
20:30 We had a workshop.We consentrated more on the police incident in Kolon and Karlsruhe. We have showed films and pic of the bus tour materails.

lots of love

Bus tour group

another report from oldenburg

14.3 Bremen

14thth March.Bremen

We Have been visiting three lagers.there wasnt any trouble in geeting in the lagers.The police were following us where we go with out any kind of investgations.
One of the lager we visited is the first main lager where you do the interviews staff.most of them are living there for a few weeks.It was great to see those who are in Germany for quite short time and to let them know how the refugees system works in Germany.

In the evening we had a workshop which one of the greatest workshop we had during the tour.up to hundred attented.

Lots of love

Bus tour group

13.3 Hannover

We have visited a lager in Hannover at 13:00.As usual we were not allowed to get in.Five min later the police arrived then the police had a long talk with the house master of the lager that those refugees who are joining the bus tour are radical group and not allowed them to get in other wise you will have to take the responspility.
We have been insisting in convince the house master to let us in finaly he said Ok we may come in but we will have to show our Ausweis .We said we dont believe in this Auswies and we will never show them.
then the house master said that five of us can come in.One of the police and the house master folllowed our represntitives they showed them a room where they can meet the refugees instead of visiting rooms.We said we are here to talk to the refugees freely not under the police control nor the house master so we refused sitting in that room and we left.
We found a way to distribute flayers and talk to some of the refugees.

At 16:00 we have started the demo.up to 150 joined us.we have been marching until the center of the city.We havent any kind of trouble with the police beacuse the demo was registred.

At 20:00 we a workshop.

Lots of love

Bus tour group

11.3 Bochum

11th of March Bochum

We havent been visiting any of the lagers in Bouchm. We were runing late from Kollon because Some of us got released to late  after the police incident in Kollon.
We had a workshop in the evening.

lots of love 

Bus tour group

First Video of Refugees‘ Revolution Bustour


11.03.2013 – Solidaritäts-Demo with BusTour in Berlin from Ihre Merkwürden on Vimeo.

Laut, bunt und entschlossen gingen am gestrigen Abend bis zu 300 Refugees und Unterstützer_innen auf einer am selben Tage organisierten Solidaritäts-Demonstration in Berlin- Kreuzberg auf die Strasse und solidarisierten sich mit den Betroffenen der brutalen und völlig unverhältnismäßigen Polizeiangriffe mit Verletzten und Verhaftungen auf die Refugee-Bus-Tour in Karlsruhe am 08.03.2013 und Köln am 10.03.2013. (mehr…)

10.3 Busstop Köln

10th of March.
The police incident in Cologne

We reached Cologne at 2:30. We met somewhere in Cologne with the local supporters. We divided into two groups to cover visiting eight Lagers. North Cologne and South Cologne. The group which was supposed to visit North Cologne has been visiting a Lager but they were not allowed to enter the Lager. But we entered. The representatives of the Lager called the police. Ten minutes later tens of police cars arrived. At that time we were distributing flyers. The police didn‘t come in. They were waiting at the entrance. We were about to leave but we couldn‘t because the area was entirely surrounded by the police. The police used pepper spray, tear gas, sticks and dogs against us. (mehr…)


Protest in Passau and Berlin

8.3 Busstop Karlsruhe

8th of march.

We had a press confrence at 10:00 in Stuttgart.Then We left to Karlsruhe.We have been visiting a Lager there.A very big Lager .hundreds of refugees are living there in a very bad condition.We were not allowed to go in but we entered by force.They police was present too but we told them that we dont care anymore.
We have started our action in front of the lager entrance after we distributed flyers & posters.
We have talked to the refugees about the movment & what we have achieved so far. (mehr…)

7.3 Busstop Nördlingen

7th of march

We left Augsburg at 10:30 to Nördlingen.We got there at 15:30.when we reached there the refugees were already waiting for us on the doors. They were so angry and exited.We occupied the house master’s office and the restaurant where they used to give the foodpackages.The house master was present at that time.He ran away and took a refuge in one of the neighbourhood houses. (mehr…)

Solidarität mit der Refugee Revolution Bus Tour – DEMO HEUTE 11.03. 17 Uhr ab Oranienplatz Berlin


(english text below)

HEUTE 17 Uhr Solidaritäts Demonstration gegen Festnahmen und Polizeigewalt
10.03.2013: Die Kölner Polizei greift Refugees‘ Revolution Bustour brutal an, verhaftet 19 Aktivist_innen und verletzt mehrere Menschen schwer. Wir, die streikenden Geflüchteten in Berlin und unterwegs, verurteilten den wiederholten Angriff auf die Refugees-Bus-Tour und ihre regionalen Unterstützer_innen. Schon am 08.03.2013 kam es in Karlsruhe zu wilden Angriffen der Polizei, siehe indymedia: Soli Demo Karlsruhe.
Vorwand für die Attacke in Köln mit Schlagstöcken und Pfefferspray war, dass Flyerauf dem Gelände des Flüchtlingslager Geißelstraße in Köln-Ehrenfeld verteilt wurden. Noch immer sind 2 Geflüchtete in Gefangenschaft und sollen u.U. dem Haftrichter vorgeführt werden.

Sagt es allen weiter! Bringt Megafone/Lautsprecher mit!


11.03. Pressemitteilung: Kölner Polizei greift Refugees-Bus-Tour brutal an

11.03.2013 – Presseerklärung zu Polizeiübergriffen gegen Refugees-Bus-Tour vom Refugee Camp Berlin Oranienplatz 

Kölner Polizei greift Refugees-Bus-Tour brutal an, verhaftet 19 Aktivist*innen und verletzt drei schwer, eine Aktivistin wird bewußlos geschlagen!
Wir, die streikenden Geflüchteten in Berlin und unterwegs, verurteilen den wiederholten Angriff am Sonntag den 10.03.2013 auf die Refugees-Bus-Tour und ihre regionalen Unterstützer*innen. (mehr…)


24 Uhr: The first 2 prisoners are set free. Everything will still take a while. Arrested people who can‘t or don‘t want to show the papers will stay in police station for 24hours and then will be taken to judge and supposably (?) be released afterwards. the lawyer who is there is critisizing the police and says that they are working very intransparently and slowly…

um sich bei der Polizei über das Vorgehen zu beschweren und die sofortige Freilasung aller Festgehaltenen/Verhafteten zu verlangen:
Polizeipräsidium Köln
Walter-Pauli-Ring 2-4, 51103 Köln Tel. 0221 / 2290 (gratis anrufen)

10.03. KÖLN Polizeigewalt, Verletzte und Festnahmen – news

23:30 Uhr: one person who was in hospital is arrested now too!
still 19 persons arrested. outside the police prison are waiting 50 persons

press-articles:, 11.03.2013: Polizei geht gegen Demonstranten vor
jungewelt 11.03.2013: Schlagstockeinsätze gegen Refugees Revolution Bustour
Kölner Stadtanzeiger 11.03.2013: Polizei geht gegen Demonstranten vor (mit fotos)

10.03. KÖLN Polizeigewalt, Verletzte und Festnahmen – news

noch neuere infos: es sind19 personen und der anwalt durfte mit einer
person sprechen.diejenigen, die sich ausweisen können und wollen, sollen
bald entlassen werden. Die person aus dem krankenhaus ist wohl
entlassen, mehr ist aber nicht bekannt.zur zeit zumindest.

10.03. KÖLN Polizeigewalt, Verletzte und Festnahmen – news

Aktueller stand,Zur zeit sind 17 personen inhaftiert, 3 personen schwer
verletzt,1 person ist bewusstlos und im krankenhaus. Die namen der 17
personen sind nicht bekannt, der anwalt wird nicht reingelassen.
(infos einer weiteren person aus köln)

Pressekonferenz Köln 11. März 2013, 11 Uhr Allerweltshaus, Körnerstraße 77-79


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

wir TeilnehmerInnen der Refugee Revolution Bustour vom 26. Februar bis 20. März 2013,
laden Sie herzlich zu unserer
öffenliche Pressekonferenz am 11. März 2013, 11 Uhr Allerweltshaus Köln, Körnerstraße 77-79 ein.

wir veruteilen aufs Schärfste die Polizeiübergriffe gegen DemonstrationsteilnehmerInnen am 10.03.2013 gegen 16 Uhr vor dem Asyllager Geißelstrasse und die Verletzungen und Verhaftungen! (mehr…)

10.03. KÖLN Polizeigewalt, Verletzte und Festnahmen

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger 10.03.2013 mit Fotogalery
Mit Schlagstöcken, Pfefferspray und Hunden ist die Polizei am Sonntagnachmittag in Ehrenfeld gegen Demonstranten vorgegangen, die gegen die Abschiebepraxis in Deutschland protestieren. Die Gruppe hatte zuvor Handzettel in dem Wohnheim verteilt. Bei der Personalienfeststellung kam es dann zu Tumulten. Laut der Protestler setzte die Polizei auch Schlagstöcke und Reizgas ein.