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Addition Leipzig-Stop

Here is a photo that people send to us of our stop in Leipzig.
The doorkeeper doesn‘t want us to go in the camp. But we did.

Call for mobilization for Bustour & 23rd of march

This is not a call for paper- this is a call for mobilization (mehr…)

08.03. Karlsruhe

some news and details we‘ve got from karlsruhe:

during visiting camp with protests and blockade there was a rough police intervention: around 6 pm at the end of the action, when the bus wanted to leave, 2 people have been arrested („pulled out of the bus“). a lawyer was employed, at 7:40 pm the people were released.

Pressemitteilung der Initiative Grenzenlos und der Libertären Gruppe Karlsruhe zu den Vorkommnissen am 08.03
und Pressemitteilung zur Solidaritätsdemo am 09.03 in Karlsruhe .

Brutaler Schlagstockeinsatz gegen Flüchtlinge zu Beginn der
Antirassismus-Wochen in Karlsruhe

(….. ) Nach Ankunft der Busse und anschließender Kundgebung mit AktivistInnen aus
der Region, folgte ein Besuch bei den Asylsuchenden in der LASt um
persönlich Kontakt aufzunehmen.
Bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt war alles friedlich und entspannt verlaufen.
Nach Verlassen der LASt wollte die Gruppe auch außerhalb des Lagers auf
ihr Anliegen aufmerksam machen und versuchte kurzzeitig die Durlacher
Allee zu blockieren. (mehr…)

07.03. Schwäbisch Gmünd

The refugee bustour in Schwäbisch Gmünd, 19:00, 07.03.2013 to mobilise refugees for the berlin action coming on the 23th of March 2013. There were huge turn out by the refugees. There were lots of discussion about the berlin refugee strike action.
The administration called the police to interupt the mobilization however, the police could not stop the movement action.
The bus left Schwäbisch Gmünd around 20:30 for stuttgart.

05.03. Augsburg

5th of March
We took leave from Passau to Augsburg at 10:30
We got there at 14:00.We have a lunch at Grand hotel at 14:30.we have warm welcome of our supports in Augsburg.
We have been visiting a lager in of the biggest lager in the region. More than 600 refugees are living there in a terrible condition. They are facing all form of racism of the local residence .they say we don’t want to live there anymore as well as the residence don’t want them to live there. (mehr…)

04.03. Passau

4th of March Passau
Some of us went to the ´center of the city to build up the protest tent at 12:15 we have started the press conference. large number of he journalists attented which was strange enough as the local refugees said that the media never pay attention to the refugees issues.
The police came the protest tent and threating that they will have to check everyone identity. (mehr…)

03.03. Passau

3th of march

We took leave from Munchen at 12pm after attending the final meeting of the refugee congress. on our way to Passau we visited a lager called Amgresberg at 16:00. it was Sunday the offices were closed so we found it easy to got in and to call the people to come out: we entered the lager safely and we glued our posted and spread out our flayers. (mehr…)

02.03. München

2th of march Munchen

We took leave from Leipzig at 10:30 am to Munchen.We got there safely with out being control by police at 17:30.We have a very warm welcome. We attended the refugee congress in the name of the protest camp Oranienplatz.They gave us three times talk which we used to but much light on our bus tour. The aim of the bus tour,what we have experienced so far,We also used the occasion to tell a bit about what happening now at Oranienplatz. (mehr…)

01.03. Leipzig

first of march at 4 pm we reached leipzig we have been visiting two lagers we were not allowed to be inside in the first lager…but we found a way to distribute our flayers to and call the people to come out .. (mehr…)

28.02. Bitterfeld

on 28th- 2-2013 was the third day of the refugees bustour revolution, visiting men lager in Bitterfeld as ongoing tradition of refugee struggles against the violent law given to refugees or asylum seekers. (mehr…)