17.3. Hamburg

17th of March Hamburg

We visited a Lager in ( Horst ) about 52 km far from Hamburg.Its the most worset lager we visit so far. The lager is located in quite isolated area in a very small village about 7 houses.
One the way to the lager the police was waiting for us.crossing a forest which led to the lager.We just passed the police forcely.We said to the police that no reason to stop us in the street.
We arrived the lager.it was surrounded by tens of the police cars.
We had an action in front of the lager a few refugees joined.we have heard that from some of the refugees that the lager mangment sold out some of the refugees to talk to the other refugees not to come out and join the bus tour action.and making kind of propagnda that those who are joining the bus tour are radical and they may effect your asylum case if join them.
At 16:00 we got back to Hamburg where we spent one more night.

Lots of love
bus tour group