16.3. Hamburg

16th of March Hamburg

On the way from Oldenburg to Hamburg we have been visiting a lager. The lager belongs to Oldenburg. The police came after we entered the lager saying that we are not allowed to be in. We said we already talked to the representative of lager and he allowed us to came in. The police said he got phone call that we entered illegally and gave us 10 min to leave the lager. We were already distributed our flayers and talked to a great number of the refugee so we invited them to come out to attend the action in front of the lager where we held speeches and played music.

We took leave at 13:00 to Hamburg. We visited a lager which is 25 KM from Hamburg. The lager we visited is quietly isolated. The German homeless and the problematic people are living there too. They have their own sections. They are quite racists and full of hatful as the local refugees describe them. Some of the local refugees are even scared of living there with such a racists people. The refugees of this lager are suffering a lot of the police control they said that the police have keys copies of all the rooms. They used to come early morning to control people to see who is legal and who is not. To take those who are facing deportaion. They don’t even ask for permission to come in. as well as the refugees of Augsburg lager when we visited one of lagers over there they told us the same story and the same suffering.

We have been visiting another lager in Hamburg. more than 4 hundred souls live there. We found easy to got in there wasn’t any kind of security barriers. 10min later the police came. They have been watching us until we finished our program.

We were about to leave the lager then the police controlled one of the buses. One of us was sitting in the driver seat. They asked him whether he was the driver but he does not understand German nor English so he say yes while he is not. He asked him to show his Ausweis and he gave it to the police then we all came and We but the tow police men in circle. We forced the police to give him his Ausweis back.

In the evening we had a workshop. Great number of people and fruitful discussion. The local media was present. Also one of the journalist joined us the whole day in Hamburg.

Lots of love
Bus tour group