13.3 Hannover

We have visited a lager in Hannover at 13:00.As usual we were not allowed to get in.Five min later the police arrived then the police had a long talk with the house master of the lager that those refugees who are joining the bus tour are radical group and not allowed them to get in other wise you will have to take the responspility.
We have been insisting in convince the house master to let us in finaly he said Ok we may come in but we will have to show our Ausweis .We said we dont believe in this Auswies and we will never show them.
then the house master said that five of us can come in.One of the police and the house master folllowed our represntitives they showed them a room where they can meet the refugees instead of visiting rooms.We said we are here to talk to the refugees freely not under the police control nor the house master so we refused sitting in that room and we left.
We found a way to distribute flayers and talk to some of the refugees.

At 16:00 we have started the demo.up to 150 joined us.we have been marching until the center of the city.We havent any kind of trouble with the police beacuse the demo was registred.

At 20:00 we a workshop.

Lots of love

Bus tour group