8.3 Busstop Karlsruhe

8th of march.

We had a press confrence at 10:00 in Stuttgart.Then We left to Karlsruhe.We have been visiting a Lager there.A very big Lager .hundreds of refugees are living there in a very bad condition.We were not allowed to go in but we entered by force.They police was present too but we told them that we dont care anymore.
We have started our action in front of the lager entrance after we distributed flyers & posters.
We have talked to the refugees about the movment & what we have achieved so far.
We occoupied the main street which is 2 min far from the lager for half an hour.Tens of the police cars arrived they forced us to leave the street they say you can demonstrate but you cant block the street.So we left the street.We stood in front of the lager for half an hour then we decided to leave by ourself.We were supposed to visit one other Lager around.
We were about to leave when tens of the police surrounded us beating everyone.They took three of us under arrest. one of them was a supporter whose name is still unknown! Adam & Mahadi from our side.Mahadi was realeased 15 min later. He has to pay 150 Euro Strafe for breaking Residenzpflicht.He is been questioned that during the demo he was saying that the Lager should be closed with in 4 weeks.So the police was asking him what he means by that.
Adam was beaten very badly they beated him on his head & his whole body.We asked the police that we want to leave but we are waiting for Adam.he said that Adam should be send to the police station for more investigation.He attacked one of the officer.They gave us the police station Address & said that Adam would be freed over 40 min to an hour. Finally Adam was freed. His left hand was badly injured.We drove him to the Hospital.

Lots of love
Bus tour group