7.3 Busstop Nördlingen

7th of march

We left Augsburg at 10:30 to Nördlingen.We got there at 15:30.when we reached there the refugees were already waiting for us on the doors. They were so angry and exited.We occupied the house master’s office and the restaurant where they used to give the foodpackages.The house master was present at that time.He ran away and took a refuge in one of the neighbourhood houses.
Five min later the police came but at that time we‘ve already occupied a small street.The police wanted to know what was going on there. We said that we were from the refugee protest camp Berlin and that we were there to meet our brothers and sisters.The police told us that they‘ve received a call that we are about to burn the lager! And that we‘ve made huge damages in the bulding. We told them to check the place themselfs to make sure that we were protesting in a very peaceful way. Some minutes later they came back asking who our leader was because they needed to talk to him. Once again we said that we don‘t have a leader and that they could talk here in front of us all if they wanted to. The police wanted to know the purpose of our protest. How long we were going to stay in he street? What our flyers were about? We said we dont have a certain time.The purpose is to let our voice out.You can have some of our flyers if you want to.
Within five minutes we occupied the main street. After closing the street for half an hour we moved to the center of the city in a very large number of refugees accompanied by some police cars.
In the heart of the center we set up our place and distributed a considerable number of flyers.
20 min later we suceeded to block the entrance of the Rathaus. Nobody could go in, nobody out.
We prevented dozens of people of getting in. Again the police came saying that there isn‘t anyone to talk to. What did we want exactly? they asked. We said if there wasn‘t anyone to come out and show his or her face we were going to sleep here.
Tens of the citizents were around too. About one hour later the police said that the Bürgermeister was on his way to meet us. Finally he came out of the Rathaus and asked what we wanted ? One of the refugees of the Lager in Nördlingen held a short speech and handed the Bürgermeister a list of the needs to be changed in the lager.The Bürgermeister promised to forward it to Augsburg as soon as possible.
Afterwards in front of the Rathaus and in front of the Bürgermeister eye we burned a symbol of Duldung Ausweis to let him know that one of our main demand is the abolishment of Duldung.

We left to Stuttgart where we visited a lager to give the people some information about the refugee protest movement. Therefore we distributed flyers and talked to them about their situation in the Lager, their needs and their rights for which we asked them to fight with us.

We suppoosed to have a workshop and dinner in Stuttgart but we have been runing to late from Nördlingen.

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