10.3 Busstop Köln

10th of March.
The police incident in Cologne

We reached Cologne at 2:30. We met somewhere in Cologne with the local supporters. We divided into two groups to cover visiting eight Lagers. North Cologne and South Cologne. The group which was supposed to visit North Cologne has been visiting a Lager but they were not allowed to enter the Lager. But we entered. The representatives of the Lager called the police. Ten minutes later tens of police cars arrived. At that time we were distributing flyers. The police didn‘t come in. They were waiting at the entrance. We were about to leave but we couldn‘t because the area was entirely surrounded by the police. The police used pepper spray, tear gas, sticks and dogs against us.
Most of us were blind because of the spray. Twenty minutes later they took nineteen of us to the policestation.i was trying to help people with water to take some spray pain they were almost blind laying on he ground then the police captured me too .The police was suronding a group of 6 and other group of 7. So after i entered the circle with water in order to help the others watering their injured eyes they didnt allow me to go away they kept me in the circle that is the way i was arrested.
2min later tens of the police cars arrived to take people to police station.at that time so many people came to support but they could not reached us.the police and tens of dogs were lining up to prevent them to join us.
We were accused of having attacted two of the police and having insulted them. They said that we entred the lager illegaly and disrupted the people living in the lager.all these accusations are not true.
One of us is badly injured at his face,another one broke his leg.
Three of us have to pay penalty for breaking Residenzpflicht.
Those who were injured went to the doctor and they got medical reports which we can use to judge the police.