Call for mobilization for Bustour & 23rd of march

This is not a call for paper- this is a call for mobilization

Dear people, dear critical geographers, dear researchers who are interested in issues like

- migration and refugee topics
- critical border regimes
- social movements
- criminalization and critical research about the police
- activism meets academy
- mobility and restricticted mobility studies like for example the Residenzpflicht
- segregation
- housing politics
- squatting
- empowerment
- participation
- self organization
- geopoliics of knowledge
- marxist, feminist, postcolonial, decolonial or critical theory
- (neo)colonialism
- imperialism
- capitalism
- gouvernementality
- representational critique
- …

The refugees from the refugee camp at Oranienplatz are doing a bustour through Germany at the moment.
It started on February the 26th and will end on March the 20th.

In each city they are doing press conferences, they are visiting lagers and doing open workshops.
You are invited to join them and spread the information about lager conditions and the psychological impact of the status of the so called tolerance/Duldung.

They want to abolish Lagers, Residenzpflicht and Abschiebung/ Duldung.

Maybe you have access to critical blogs, magazines and so on and support these demands.

Today the refugees are going to Frankfurt doing a workshop in Bockenheim.